Living Room Cleaning

Broomberg's deep cleaning will make your living room so
clean, you'll never want to leave

Starting at

Rs. 2000/-

What is Included

Furniture, upholstery and curtains are dusted till they're spotless.

Powerful vacuum cleaners pull out hard-to-reach dust from curtains, upholstery and hidden corners.

Powerful scrubbing machines rid your room of all visible stains.

Our team ensures that even switchboards, doorknobs and AC exteriors are carefully cleaned.

Floors, door knobs, and all surfaces are thoroughly disinfected using our 5-star cleaning agents.

The team puts everything back in its place and tidies up before they leave.

Living Room Cleaning Details

Duration 3 Hrs
Team 1 - 2 Personnel
Security Verified Personnel
Cleaning Agents Eco Friendly
Broomberg Guarantee
Smell Pleasant
Onsite Yes
Equipment Semi-mechanised
Dry Time None

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